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Common Kinds Of Aerobic Equipment

Mar 30, 2017

Aerobic fitness equipment including treadmills, exercise bike, Stairmaster, elliptical machines, stairmasters, spinning bike, rowing machine, headstand machine, fitness equipment, badminton equipment, table tennis equipment, some aerobic exercise equipment.



Advantages: running is the most basic human movement, exercise on a treadmill allows the body to achieve the full effect.

Limitation: run have some pressure on joints, knees and hips hurt people or older people have a certain degree of risk. Noise comparison; subjective fatigue is quite strong in the sport.

Summary: has some risk.


Advantages: can effectively help the body to burn calories; for thighs and buttocks to teach better plastic effect.

Limitations: the practitioner needs to master the rhythm of time, adjust the resistance, otherwise it will add to pressure on the lower back, causing muscle damage. In the course of practice, did not take part in any exercise of upper limbs.

Summary: upper limits.