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Exercise Bikes A View That Can Be Sporty Or Optimistic

Oct 18, 2017

With the popularization and popularity of Exercise Bikes, more and more outdoor-like donkeys join the ranks of cyclists, a good mountain driving, a scenic ride route, if combined with some riding skills, will make your ride more relaxed and pleasing.

Exercise Bikes outings often have the occurrence of a blow-out, which often gives others the misconception that Exercise Bikess are not strong enough. Actually, it's just a matter of probability. Because in the same time, the exercise bike is a few times the average bicycle, so, for this reason alone, the probability increases several times. In addition, because the main activities of the sports car is the outskirts of the outskirts of the road is not like the city has special cleaning, so foreign bodies more.

Prevention measures for the first case of puncture:

1, the gas dozen feet, must put the air, if there is air pressure gauge of the pump, please hit close to the tire to indicate the barometric number. If there is no barometer, feel with your fingers. Generally speaking, the road car to hit with the finger completely cannot move the tire (big man's hand). The mountain bike can be knocked down, but it is very hard to pinch up. The advantages of high tire pressure are obvious, the tires hard,Exercise Bikes a lot of sharp stones, broken glass, such as the encounter will be bounced off, and can not be plunged into. Greatly reduces the chance of being stabbed.

2, stop the rest of the time, pay attention to check the tires, see if there is broken glass, small pieces of iron, stone, such as embedded in the tire, clean up in advance. These things may not break in the moment, but the speed and distance of the ride will make them more and more deep until the tube is punctured.

3, cycling to see the road,Exercise Bikes to avoid the suspicious things on the road. In addition, as far as possible near the middle of the road walk, the general glass iron piece what more on the roadside。