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Exercise Bikes Help To Improve The Pedal Frequency

Sep 27, 2017

Whether it is mountain bike also on the road bike, the use of the highest frequency, the first wear parts is undoubtedly the transmission chain. Many riders to ride the world club for car maintenance, more than 90% are chain oil dust everywhere, the chain has never been carried out maintenance and testing, at best, is to the chain of some oil thing. Many friends are riding chain, uphill jump file, poor speed, abnormal noise to repair, but often accompanied by the chain elongated, flywheel tooth sharpened, tooth plate wear serious,Exercise Bikes can only be three Brothers at the same time replacement, not only costly, delay time.

With the popularity and popularity of mountain bikes, more and more love outdoor alumni joined the riding team, a good mountain driving, a beautiful ride line, if coupled with some riding skills,Exercise Bikes will Make your ride more relaxed and pleasing.

The right bike posture is: upper body lower, slightly tilted head extension; arms bent naturally, easy to bow bent, reduce the body center of gravity, while preventing the bumps caused by the impact of the body to the body; And a strong grip, buttocks sit tight seat.

Freestyle pedaling method: At present, some excellent athletes mostly use free pedal method. This pedal method is the foot in the rotation of the process, according to different parts of the ankle angle also changes with the change. Freestyle pedal, in line with the principle of mechanics,Exercise Bikes the direction of force and the pedal rotation formed by the circle tangent consistent, reducing the knee and thigh action range, is conducive to improving the pedal frequency, naturally through the critical area, reduce the dead The Thigh muscles can also be relatively relaxed. But this pedal method is more difficult to grasp.

Turning tips:

the body center of gravity based on the car to the bend within the tilt, the car to maintain the same tilt angle. 2, straight out the knee and subconsciously plus point of effort, as if you want to step down the foot like (but if you really put it down the words can not find us). 3, with the inside of the knee against the beam, which is a good way to adjust your track, reduce the pressure can shrink the curvature. 4, the outside of the hand slightly pulled the handlebar. The use of two good time to tilt the use of less than the corner (less than 45 degrees) to accelerate, you can clearly see the front but not familiar with the bend, wet asphalt on the road,Exercise Bikes the two shortcomings: in the rain, although this The kind of turning technique can give you a very good traction, but its angle and weight distribution, arrangement is not conducive to wet slippery road; tilt technique does not have to be reversed accordingly.

Brake Skills:

Use the front brake when the center of gravity will shift back when you use the front brake, your center of gravity will naturally move because of inertia,Exercise Bikes you must practice when you start braking, consciously move your center of gravity (body release Low, buttocks move back). The more you move back the center of gravity, you can use more braking power. You can practice in the sand or a little slippery ground, speed up the use of different ways to press your front and rear brakes to understand how to control your brakes.