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Exercise Bikes Improve The Agility Of The Nervous System

Oct 27, 2017

Exercise Bikess are sports that require a lot of oxygen, you want to make the heart beating, but not too long. So it will be able to adapt to emergencies such as catch or resist dilemmas. "

(1) can prevent brain aging, improve the nervous system agility.

Modern sports medicine research results show that riding a bike is heterogeneous domination movement, alternating legs pedal can make left and right brain function at the same time to develop, to prevent premature aging and waste. In fact, because the pedal compressed blood vessels, making the blood circulation to speed up the brain intake of more oxygen, so you suck in more fresh air. After a while, you will find your mind more clear

(2) can improve heart and lung function.

Exercise Bikess are one of the best tools to overcome heart problems. More than half of the world's people died of heart disease, cycling not only by the movement of the legs to compress blood flow, and the notes from the blood vessels to extract the heart, in fact, but at the same time strengthen the microvascular tissue, cycle". Strengthen the blood vessels can make you from age threat, youth forever

(3) studies have shown that cycling exercise on the internal organs of endurance exercise and swimming and running the same, the movement not only lower limb hip, knee, ankle 3 pairs of joints and 26 pairs of muscle benefit, but also to neck, Arm, abdomen, waist, groin, buttocks, etc. muscle. Joints, ligaments have also been the appropriate exercise.

(4) can lose weight.

Exercise Bikes is a tool for weight loss, cycling, due to cyclical aerobic exercise, so that exercise consumes more calories, can receive significant weight loss effect. According to statistics, 75 kilograms of people, every hour to 9 miles and a half speed, riding 73 miles, can reduce the weight of half a kilogram, but must be sustained every day.

(5) can improve sexual function.

Daily cycling 4-5 km, can stimulate the secretion of human estrogen or androgen, so that sexual enhancement, contribute to the harmony between husband and wife live.

(6) can benefit longevity.

According to the International Commission's survey, in the world of various professional staff, the longest life of the postman, one of the reasons is that they are often in the transmission of letters for the sake of Exercise Bikess.

(7) cycling, but also make your posture more symmetrical charming.

By exercise to lose weight, or side of the diet side of the movement, the body than the first diet by weight loss of people better and more charming. Have you noticed the legs of the professional cyclist? Their calf and ankle are always thin, just because they often ride out of the bike, so often ride a bike to the calf. Riding three or four times a week, you can keep the body slim.