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How Do You Want To Store Your Plates?

Sep 13, 2018

Examples of storage solutions

Depending on your available space you might want to consider different ways on how you can store your plates. For home use, I would always advise some good value bumper plates. Metal plates usually leave nasty marks on the floor when you drop them. Bumper plates are more forgiving. Avoid the competition bumper plates unless you have the budget and care for aesthetics. 100kg are 100kg, it does not matter for the average user whether they are competition plates or not and this will save you a good couple of hundreds which you can invest in something else.

Leave some budget for accessories

Most of the following items are not included in the purchase of a rack. It is recommended that you leave some budget to order these too. Again you do not want to unpack your rack, get it set up and then realize that you cannot start to train because you forgot to order some J Cups. Your shopping list should include



Safety pins/bands

Plate storage solution


Pins to attach bands to

Storage solution for barbells

J-039 Barbell Rack 杠铃架 副本_副本.jpg