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How The Quality And Level Of Fitness Equipment Identification

Mar 30, 2017

First is definitely the brand, a leading appliance brands make their own club up grade or to attract more members and brands is a key guarantee of quality and service, brand is very much to the intangible value of their brands, to try to preserve the brand and safeguard the interests of customers. And small manufacturers do not care about this point; domestic and import, now popular brands are: import brands: Precor, Chi StarTrac, Bali Paramount,Woodway,Freemotion, YL, Henan dragons, Shi Baoya/SportsArt, Aiko/ICON, life/life, Johnson JOHNSON,BH,/AEON, die, KUS, the domestic brands: millions of healthy, health star, Paez, Shuhua, Alma, Ming Yang, step, Hui Xiang, Hui Kang, kaipute, u-up, relax, EvergreenSecond is the instrument of scientific and technical content, a design of the device makes coaches and Member frustration and boredom, and a reasonable design, principle of fitness equipment is the coach and member of the scientific interest, full of energy. And instruments of scientific and technical content and is closely related to the failure rate of the device; the third is working fine, the degree of human nature and comfort, these details are the highlight instrument grade guarantee. The bending technology, welding, Assembly of the device technology, surface treatment processes employed and the quality of wearing parts (wire ropes, pulleys, cushions, bicycle pedal, treadmill running belt, etc) are closely associated and the quality and grades of finished devices.