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17 Incline And Decline Bench Press Benefits

Oct 09, 2018

Benefit #1: Targets Specific Muscle Groups

When you bench press on a flat bench, there are a lot of muscle groups involved that really shouldn’t be in the mix like shoulders for example. Bench press rack takes your shoulders completely out of the equation and focuses more on your chest area.

Benefit #2: Compound Movement

Bench pressing involves a lot of compound movements, all which work together to develop your chest and upper body area completely

Benefit #3: Pectoral Isolation

The only way to truly isolate your chest muscles is when you incline or decline your bench. Since the body is not used to this awkward angle, the chest works completely to keep the bar in balance giving you a more thorough workout.

Benefit #4: Get Stronger

The change in angle can stimulate your muscle fibers and give you the ability to lift even more weight in the long run. Everybody who has a chest day, will definitely prefer bench press for the advantages.

Benefit #5: Protect Your Back

Using an incline bench is an excellent way to develop the shoulders and upper back muscles. Remember to keep your arms at about the same level as your shoulders while you squeeze your shoulder blades together. This will help you get the most out of your workout while protecting your back.

Benefit #6: Muscle Activation

It has been found that angling your bench press can give your body more advantages when it comes to muscle activation. This basically means that you get more for the same amount of effort.

Benefit #7: Muscle Mass

Most bodybuilders stress on the fact that for complete development of the chest area, you need to work all parts of the pectorals. Building more muscle mass is one of the distinct benefits of the Incline bench.

Benefit #8: Avoid Monotony

Most times during exercises, you will find that you have hit a plateau because you are just rinsing and repeating the same exercises over and over. What you need to do is change it up for more benefits.

Benefit #9: Elevated Focus

You will find that you need to keep your focus when you switch over from flat bench presses to this kind of exercises. This is because totally different muscle groups are involved between both which makes you concentrate harder.

Benefit #10: Regain Balance

Switching over to new exercises creates new demands of your body, to which it will adapt. Different positions during bench presses force your body in new situations and hence improving balance.

Benefit #11: Lower-pectoral Stimulation

Incorporating decline bench press with weights and bar into your muscle building routine can greatly enhance your lower pectoral development which helps augment the total strength of your chest.

Benefit #12: Adding Definition

Adding additional movements like these gives your chest better definition and widens it. This enhances your physique to be aesthetic.

Benefit #13: Workout Better

When you bench press with weights and bar, you hit a lot of muscle groups that are normally dormant. This enhances your total upper body.

Benefit #14: Classic Shape

When you get incorporate presses into your repertoire, your chest will begin to resemble classic bodybuilding proportions which looks aesthetically pleasing.

Benefit #15: Reduce Fatigue

Since you are working out all areas of the chest when you perform these presses, for the same amount of work you’ll find that you are fatigued less, which is a great news for regular gym goers.

Benefit #16: Total upper body strength

Incline and decline bench presses can give you total upper body muscle strength because the body is not used to these angles and so works harder to lift the bar.

Benefit #17: Including dumbbells

When you substitute dumbbells with barbells, it totally changes your workout and provides more isolation and increased workout on your stabilizer groups.