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Interval Training Workouts

Nov 05, 2018

HIIT training or high-intensity interval training incorporates many different activities. These could be HIIT running, interval weightlifting, interval training on treadmill, and many others.

Every HIIT workout you do helps to boost your metabolism and burn fat from the body. A 20 minute treadmill workout is an intense exercise on a treadmill for 20 minutes which has intervals of high density training, low-density training, and a rest period. The best way to do high interval training on a treadmill is to start with an easy warm-up. The warm should be slow and steady. This same pace is the same one you will use for your low-intensity period.

After the slow warm up pace, select the treadmill speed. This speed should be high and fast. Make a 30-second fast sprint on the treadmill. Then choose the low-density speed and for a minute or so, walk at a slow speed.

Repeat this fast and slow interval treadmill exercise 8 more times. This will take you 20 minutes. You can have your treadmill mimic conditions from outside by adding an incline to your treadmill. Start by having a low incline and as you train more, increase the incline.

If you can’t workout on a treadmill, you can do interval running workout. Just like treadmill training, interval running also requires both high and low-intensity training intervals. Start your training with a short warm-up of about 4 minutes. Then after the warm up, start running but do not pick your full speed at once. After about a minute, increase your speed. After another minute, slow down and jog or walk at a much slower pace. Then take a complete rest for another 3 minutes or so and start the whole exercise all over again. Do this for another 30 minutes, and that is enough interval training running for a day.

High interval training does a lot to kickstart your metabolism. Besides this, interval training also does this to your body.