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Leg Fitness Equipment And Exercises: Learn To Use Roman Chair Effectively?

Jan 12, 2018

Famous Roman chair is one of the most comprehensive range of fitness equipment to exercise quads, gluteus, and legs with or without weights. Roman chair machine consists basically of a long bar against the ground holding its legs. Leg strengthening exercises performed on Roman chair are simple and effective. The major difference between sitting on a normal chair and sitting on a Roman chair is that on Roman chair, your feet get a grip on the apparatus and there is no backing for support so that you can move your back and legs freely on the machine at different angles. Roman chair helps the body to maintain proper posture and balance that is particularly necessary to work on muscles of the legs. A famous position of exercise to tone up leg muscles is to gather your feet on the metal platform that is at the base of machine which can be seen in the pic on the side. Also, when doing Roman chairs, your arms should lie on your chest to avoid unwanted arising while doing this exercise so that all the pressure of movement is put on your legs.

J-026 Roman Chair 罗马凳 副本_副本.jpg