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Our Social Responsibility

Jun 14, 2017

Our social responsibility      


 With the fast development of Chinese economy, people’ s living standard is increasing, major international sporting event

shows alternately in the domestic, millions of people’ s life style are changing, the sport of body building is not only the vision

of life, more than that seeking attitude and way of life with high quality. Sports industry is not the only development industry

of high technology ,more than that half public welfare industry which benefits for the nation and the people. Baodelong has

been spreading healthy concept since 2001,improving standard of science and technology, increasing revenue of our nation,

bringing health to the people ,actively participate in public welfare industry, donate money and supplies for the quake –hit

areas and so on. Baodelong seeks sustainable way of development, meanwhile, undertake social responsibility with the steady

attitude, shoulder social returns and corporate mission of contributing to society makes society and enterprise achieving our