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Power Devices

Mar 30, 2017

Is primarily used to exercise the muscles of the human body. Main has sitting push chest device, butterfly machine, straight arm clip chest training device, shoulder elected device, sitting boating device, big birds, small birds, two head muscle training device, three head muscle training device, upper limb flexion and extension training device, abdominal Qian flexor device, rotating training device, high back training device, low pulled training device, sat type song leg training device, horizontal song leg training device, leg training device, thigh stretch machine, hip composite training device, stands shank training device, leg within bent device, leg outside bent device, Smith machine, deep squat frame, 45 degrees pour pedal machine training device, oblique squat machine , Prostrate push frame, Xia oblique lying push frame, Shang oblique lying push frame, Rome stool, horizontal bar mention knee device, ABS Board, sitting shank machine, dumbbell frame, t type boating device, health abdominal machine, pulled reinforced machine, can mode ABS Board, level ABS Board, dumbbell flat stool, can mode dumbbell Chair, push shoulder Chair, barbell frame, two head muscle frame, barbell tablets frame and so on.

Commercial treadmill

Commercial treadmill is on a home treadmill in the form, because the customer base for the majority of users, load more, higher quality requirements.