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Spinning Bike Is Worth To Buy?

Jan 09, 2018

Spinning in the end is not worth buying?

1, spinning suitable for the general population

Spinning is perfect for no time, no energy, no interest to gym friends, it belongs to the sport in place. And treadmill a reason, not only indoor sports, but also space is also small, very suitable for more than a friend to buy a home at home while watching TV to lose weight.

2, spinning weight loss effect is good

Especially the legs, a spinning class is equivalent to running a treadmill for a half-hour of calorie consumption, a month less than 10 pounds is not a problem.

3, spinning cycle comprehensive and cost-effective

The spinning bike is more affordable than other exercise machines. A home spinning bike costs about 1,000 yuan, about two times less than a treadmill, and the treadmill is more likely to cause knee damage.

4, spinning and more comprehensive functions

Spinning bike can imitate all kinds of riding status, you can set uphill, downhill, sprint, corners and other riding status.

5, diversification of training methods

Spinning exercise is divided into according to exercise volume: intensity exercise and intensity exercise. Methods are divided into: sitting and standing posture two. Experience concluded that: strength training easier to lose weight