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The Best Beginner Workout Gym Machines

Jan 25, 2018

Maybe you've been away for some time, or it's your first time stepping foot in a gym, but mastering a few basic gym machines and a mix of cardio and strength training moves will get you started on your meeting your goals. 

The Elliptical Machine

Why: Low impact full body warm up and cardio

How: Stand on the footplates and gently grip the handles to include upper body movement, giving you more workout benefit. Start moving, press quick start your first time, and adjust your workout level and program for variety. Maintain an upright position (your posture and breathing is likely to be better if looking at the TV on the wall rather than the machine screen or your book/device placed on the machine).

Level: As a warm up, do 5 minutes at low intensity, you should be able to hold a conversation. As a main workout, do a warm up then 20-30 minutes of a hill or interval routine.

Trainer tip: Do some occasional reverse movement for additional warm up, muscle activation and range of motion.