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The Difference Between Elliptical And Treadmill

Nov 08, 2017

Elliptical machine is a kind of analog running aerobic exercise equipment

Running machine is a kind of sports equipment used to running, the elliptical machine is a kind of simulation running sports equipment (but smaller than running sports injury).

We first to see the elliptical machine motion: the legs forward trample alternately, cooperate with the cross arm swing in the opposite direction, coupled with the cooperation in areas such as the waist, hip, department, the overall attitude is running well.

And then see the elliptical machine transfer to the muscles, is mainly on the calf, thigh crus side muscle and knee peripheral muscle.In addition to the lack of the heel to the sole of the foot even to the center of gravity of the switching action, elliptical machine movement and the challenge of running muscles also same.

The last step in the stride length and width (distance) of or so leg, mainstream elliptical machine stride length is generally in more than 40 cm, although much shorter than the real running, but not in the process of considering the elliptical machine trample cavort process, trample formation reaction are consumed by the flywheel and resistance device, so the 40 cm stride for the regular shape of adults is also acceptable.Steps in addition to the wide, wide refers to the process of running the horizontal distance between the two feet, individual differences into consideration, the distance between 5-15 cm is moderate, as you can see, for the rational design of elliptical machine products, about the distance of the two pedals mostly stay within that range.