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Treadmill Technique And Matters Needing Attention

Apr 21, 2017

If they are on a treadmill, then you have to pay attention to some tips or notice, because in a running machine you have to follow the rhythm of running and physical exercise, and not as free as on land, so today in the blog to share the treadmill exercise method, make more friends and reasonable scientific exercise, also can let the effect of movement to maximize.Can not blindly everyday casual above will have to do is run, to science and science, make your exercise more beneficial to our health


A treadmill should pay attention to the following:

First: a treadmill can't have the time interval, so be sure to warm up before you do, you can use bounce, leg press, or stretch of small movement to keep himself quickly into a state of motion;Drinking the right amount of warm water before running, in order to achieve the effect of embellish bowel, in order to avoid the body after running water shortage phenomenon;

Second: first contact when running machine must not be fast, needs to be done step by step, to be familiar with after, in the lope of adjustments, and then a little bit to adjust the speed, the other one is a girl is not fit to run, easy to make oneself of the leg coarsens.

Third: be sure to keep breathing deep breathing when running even, according to the rhythm of your running their arms