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Treadmills Improve The Movement Effect, Increase The Movement Fun

Oct 27, 2017

Now Treadmills is already known as the family fitness equipment, has become a member of our daily life. Many people like to use Treadmills exercise to lose weight, but we use the Treadmills there is not a correct understanding of it, how to use the Treadmills running can quickly lose weight, the following to bring you to understand the next.

The Principle and Advantages of Treadmills Weight Loss

Treadmills movement is equal to our usual running, if jogging, 30 minutes to consume 300 calories, medium speed, then 30 minutes to consume 500 calories, run 30 minutes to consume 600 calories.

Weight loss compared to other sports is still very obvious. And Treadmills can detect how long to run, how long the distance and their own heart rate, so that they master the progress of running weight loss.

To lose weight for the purpose of running, the time should not be less than 20 minutes, the speed to be slower, in order to maintain uniform breathing.

20 minutes of slow long-distance running can not only consume a lot of body glycogen, but also to use the body fat.

And because the slow long-distance running is not very violent, will not make the body too hypoxia, it will help the consumption of fat, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Treadmills lose weight skills

1, to enhance the slope

The Treadmills's slope setting can be used to increase the difficulty of pedaling, mimicking the resistance of running the road, making the running closer to the outdoor run, rather than being run by the Treadmills. The higher the slope, the more calories burned. Especially uphill for many girls want to exercise the buttocks muscles have a good stimulus. It should be noted that when the slope is too high, the appropriate adjustment of the Treadmills speed and slope, to avoid the speed too fast and fall.

2, the amount of exercise should be appropriate

The time of exercise on a Treadmills depends on the purpose of exercise. If it is for the purpose of weight loss, exercise time should not be too short should not be too long, 40 minutes is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to physical overdraft.

3, when using Treadmillss to concentrate on

When running, do watching TV and other distracting things. Many newspapers like to watch TV when running, which will distract your attention, will be accidentally injured, especially those who are not familiar with the Treadmills operation, as well as the strength of the larger people. If you feel boring, you can listen to some relaxed music. Research shows that rhythmic music can effectively improve the movement effect, increase the fun of sports.

4, heel landing is the key

When running, are you usually the first toe or the heel before landing? If your answer is the former, then you made a lot of mm will make mistakes. Running the first foot before the soles of the feet is not correct, although this start to start more easily not difficult, but it will cause the legs thick. So, in order to mm are beautiful slender legs, running to remember to use the heel landing, then the forefoot touchdown jogging.

5, after the stretch exercise is essential

A lot of mm ran a rush to buy things to drink, often overlooked after the stretch of this link. Run after the stretch can not only ease the tension after running the muscles, to avoid causing muscle taut, but also effectively maintain the perfect leg type. So, ah, after the stretch exercise is essential Oh.