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Treadmills Make The Body More Robust And Powerful

Sep 27, 2017

In the gym, with a similar speed to run on a month or even longer friends are very much, the United States called, run slow fat reduction. However, in fact, the vast majority of people only in the Treadmills to spend time, the effect is not good.

Jogging is indeed able to lose weight, but not in the Treadmills with a very slow speed running are called fat reduction run. Running can really reduce fat, but also need to meet certain conditions, and the need to adjust often to achieve Oh! Today we talk about how to use a Treadmills to achieve a strong state of fat reduction.

Of course, please do not believe how many minutes after running to burn fat rumors. Whether it is rest or exercise, the body is synchronized with the consumption of sugar, fat and protein as a source of energy. Only the different circumstances of these three kinds of nutrients for the proportion of energy supply is very different.

Everything comes from our heart rate. Our heart rate in the movement has a strong guiding and guiding effect on our athletic performance. Many scientific studies have proved that our body in the movement there is a range of heart rate, in this range of body fat in the movement when the proportion of energy is the highest. This range is about 65% -70% of their maximum heart rate (normal adults can use 220- their age to calculate the maximum heart rate. If the condition can then run a maximum oxygen uptake VO2max test the maximum heart rate, which measured the most ).

General gym Treadmills has a heart rate grip, you can heart rate through the heart rate control speed. If not how to do? Is also very easy to do We can use a called Bruce protocol (Bruce test method) to determine their own way to reduce the corresponding heart rate of running.

And then simply warm up after the Treadmills / runway, from your usual running speed began to run evenly 3 minutes, and then stop the pulse (wrist neck can) 20 seconds the number of heart rate and then multiplied by three, this is what you at this speed The heart rate, and then increase the speed by 1 km per hour, then run again for three minutes, then stop for 20 seconds to calculate the pulse, repeat the past, and then determine your 65% -70% maximum heart rate.

But note! Now calculated only you this stage 65% -70% of the maximum rate of heart rate, the speed of your running progress and change. If you run 3-4 times a week, this speed will change every 3 weeks. So it is recommended that if you do not have a Treadmills heart rate test or heart rate, then about once a month test. To ensure that will not run behind the results are getting worse.