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Treadmills Rhythmic Music Helps Improve Exercise Efficiency

Oct 18, 2017

Treadmills is one of the common fitness equipment, the Treadmills is not large, even the home can be placed in one, to facilitate the use of daily fitness. For daily work busy, three meals uncertain when the work of the family, obesity is a lingering worry, the use of Treadmills weight loss is a good choice, both to avoid the trouble of going out, and can play the role of fitness to lose weight. So if you want to use a Treadmills to lose weight, what do you need to pay attention to?

Running machine lose weight pay attention to do these points

1. Warm-up exercises before running

In front of the Treadmills must do a good warm-up exercise, not to do warm-up or warm-up is not sufficient very easy to cause muscle pull injury. Warm-up exercises can be done stretching muscles, legs and other movements, increase the flexibility of the muscle, each warm-up exercise time 10-15 minutes. The next running machine money also need to slow down, to avoid the next machine dizzy fall.

2. Treadmills speed do not set too fast

The speed of the Treadmills varies from person to person, generally to keep heart rate at 150 times/minute, while breathing smoothly is better. Running in this state can effectively improve cardiopulmonary function.

3. Running time is 20-40 minutes appropriate

The time set on the Treadmills to be gradual, start to run less time, and then gradually increase. But also do not set the time too short, running time too short can not play the effect of consumption of fat, and the time too long will cause physical overdraft, muscle excessive fatigue is unhealthy.

4. Attention posture during running

Running to maintain chest posture, so that the back muscles in a tight state, can not hunch bend back, this will increase the spine pressure, easy to cause strain.

5. Feel relaxed when running

While running can listen to music, the rhythm of light music to improve the efficiency of the exercise, relaxed mood also can make exercise get better results.