Commercial Fitness Equipment BMW-010 Abdominal Machine

Abdominal workout machines for sale at competitive price . Our company has 15 years history in fitness field. We produce high quality fitness equipment ,such as cardio machine,strength machines and free weight machines .We want to find good agents,who can sell our productions .

Product Details

Follows international first-class fashion trend, the wicket style with up and down cover shape,

stereo vision, highlight luxury.

According with ergonomics and biomechanical principle, the movement of the motion arms

scientific and rational, makes exercising smooth.

Adopt combining with 50*100mm flat oval tube and 60mm round tube, linked with 50*100mm

flat oval tube, main tube thickness: 2.5mm.

Adopt the high strength nylon pulley, Ǿ105mm, which is for industrial use, keep machine smooth

and durable, effectively in keeping lower noise.

The cable which covered by nylon, the toughness and durability is great to use, can burden

1400KGF, Ǿ5.7mm.

Equipped with wireless console, users can check the training results anytime.

The selection pin for weight stacks with strong magnet to make the movement more safe.

One-time-forming cushion makes it more comfortable and durable.

Two handles with highly non-slip comfortable foams help keeping

stability during training.

Use the shoulder as auxiliary; so that the tension is more evenly

distributed in the abdominal muscle group.

Cushions can keep the pelvis stable, thus better for training the

abdominal muscles.

The user can easily adjust the seat to their desired motion range

when sitting.




Weight stack:



Muscles trained:Abdominal muscles

BMW-10 Abdomial_副本_副本.jpg





China fitness.jpg






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