Bady Building Strength Equipment Gym Equipment Assist Dip Chin BN-008

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Product Details

Bady building strength equipment gym equipment Assist Dip Chin BN-008

Tube-60*120mm oval combine with 60mm round tube, high-class design.

Aluminum slide-way support the seat, make the adjustment smooth and comfortable.

Pulley Dia.: ø106mm as metal, keep machine smooth and durable lifetime, effectively in keeping

lower noise.

5 position gears handle, can be suitable in different users’ requirements.

Isolated motion, which can do separated exercise for special training, to get the smooth and

professional workout.

D-land tube of the weight tower, size 20cm. Combine with the wedge-shape design. Make

machine solid and stable


Pulley: Diameter is 120mm with injection molding technique

Painting: Two layers

Seat Adjustment: Air powered adjustment system

Cable: Diameter is 5.5mm

Weight Stacks: Cast Steel

This machine is available to be used with or without weight stacks,

which is suitable for all levels of users.

The multi-angle handles for the pull-ups and the special-shape

low handles provide a variety of options for users, which can be

adapted to kinds of training and different muscle groups.

Double level foot pedal and up/down stair design is more secure.




 Weight stack:



 Muscles trained:Triceps, Deltoid, Pectoralis major, serratus anterior,

Latissimus dorsi muscle


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