BMW-006 Biceps Curl with Weight Machine

The biceps curl machine is one of the best exercises to help beginners understand the action of the bicep muscle. Our company provides biceps curl machine at competitive price .Contact us .

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The biceps curl machine is one of the best exercises to help beginners understand the action of the bicep muscle. Using BMW-006 bicep curl machine ensures that your biceps get an intense workout. 



Bicep Curl Machine Steps

Step 1:

Adjust the seat to the correct height and then position yourself in to the machine.

Step 2:

Select an appropriate weight and place your feet flat on the floor.

Step 3:

Take hold of the curl bar with an underhand grip and rest the backs of your arms on to the sloping padded table.

Step 4:

Your chest should be snug against the top edge of the padded table and your arms extended.

Step 5:

Inhale and curl the bar upwards by bending at the elbows.

Step 6:

At the top of the movement, pause briefly, exhale and return to the start position. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.



1.The design follows foreign lead fashion.

2.The cover of weight stack tower adopt two parts, which make the appearance looks layered, and where take esthetics and safety protection in consideration.

3.The different specification stronger tubes have been used to make machine perfect use, and looks coordinated, like 50*150mm flat oval/50*100mm flat oval/ 60mm round.

4.The main tube is considered as 3mm thickness, which is stronger enough and make it competitive.

5.The strong magnetism pin have been used on machine, which can keep the weight adjust easy and safety.

6.Fully Fashioned cushion have been suitable use on machine, to keep machine long-term use and comfortable.

7.The high strength nylon pulley, Ǿ105mm, which can be used Industry Area.

8.The cable which covered by PU, the toughness and durability is great to use, can burden 1400KGF, Ǿ5.7mm

9.A counter can record the data of movement.

10.Scientific movement track can take the proper training, sufficient considering of kinematics theory.


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