China Commercial Fitness Equipment Manufacturer BU-007 Triceps Curl

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Product Details

Absolutely upgraded model, optimize the structure. Unify the spare parts, to suit the most

customers' use.

This is our classical line, using special weight tower which is independent R&D. This series

can provide more choices due to its small size.

Considered the Geometric puzzles and butterfly bionics design, make the appearance looks

live fashion and dynamic.

Following ergonomics, make the movement more reasonable, to provide smooth and comfortable


Popular oval tube, size: 50mm*100mm, main structure tube thickness: 2.5mm.

One-time-forming cushion makes it more comfortable and durable.

The selection pin for weight stacks with strong magnet to make the movement more safe.

The premium and durable cable is covered with nylon material.

The articulation link of the motion arm allows the user to be

trained more freely according to users' natural motion.

 linkage handrails can train both arms at the same time or train

alternately, making the strength training more balanced.

Knee pad increases the stability when the weight plate is in heavy





Weight stack:



Muscles trained:Triceps, pectoralis major, serratus anterior, Deltoid





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