Hot Sale Gym Equipment Row Machine BS-004

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Product Details

50*150mm flat oval tube combines with 60*120mm oval tube, makes the machines mature and


Design the machines according to the international advanced concept and improve on the original

basis. Resistance remains steady during the entire range of motion, making the movement

exceptionally fluid.

Pure steel weight plate enhances the product durability.

Training counting &training time recodes make the movement more scientific and humanized.

Full closed PVC covers with one time contoured to keep user safe, increases the attraction and

underlines the high quality.

Unique separated movement allows the user practice single arm, highlights the details and

humanization of the products.

Aluminum alloy pulley with Φ106.2mm,improve the durability and keep movement smoothly,

it is easy to maintain.

The handle adopts TPV material, never damage and improves the durability.

Imported powder of painting, doublerust clean, double lines cushion showing fashion.

The isolated arm can make the force training more balanced and efficient..

Left and right handles make elbow self-support convenient for

user to train a single arm.

The motion route and the long handles allow the user to easily find

the best training prostitution.

The foot pedal helps the user minimize the pressure on the chest pad.

he seat can be adjusted to the user's desired range of motion when used.




Weight stack:

Standard:80KG Max:150KG

Muscles trained:Latissimus dorsi, Teres major muscle,Posterior deltoid, Biceps, Trapezius







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