Luxury Fitness Machine BN-012A Low Row

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Product Details

Tube-60*120mm oval combine with 60mm round tube, high-class design.

Aluminum slide-way support the seat, make the adjustment smooth and comfortable.

Pulley Dia.: ø106mm as metal, keep machine smooth and durable lifetime, effectively in keeping

lower noise.

5 position gears handle, can be suitable in different users’ requirements.

Isolated motion, which can do separated exercise for special training, to get the smooth and

professional workout.

D-land tube of the weight tower, size 20cm. Combine with the wedge-shape design. Make

machine solid and stable.


Pulley: Diameter is 120mm with injection molding technique

Painting: Two layers

Seat Adjustment: Air powered adjustment system

Cable: Diameter is 5.5mm

Weight Stacks: Cast Steel

User's back against the equipment, the fixed motion arc can make the

primary user training more convenient, and maximum range of pull-down

muscle motion, this feature will be welcomed by experienced users.

Two isolated operating handles can make the strength training

more balanced.

Two different positions handle can increase the variety of


The user can easily adjust the seat to their desired range of

motion when sitting.




 Weight stack:

Standard:80KG   Max:130KG

Muscles trained:Shoulder Trapezius, Latissimus dorsi muscle, Biceps






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