A6-014 Commercial Gym Leg Extension Machine

Bodystrong fitness A6 line Leg Extension is very beautiful and stable . Training the lower body is crucial for balance, speed and coordination and the best exercises for body building .

Product Details

Quick Summary

The seat and the leg pad are adjustable. This has a nice weight stack with the ability to add weight in small increments. Nice silver machine. There is a big residue area where the sticker used to be.



Pulley: Nylon, ø106x20mm, with sealed bearing 6202RS

Cable: Steel cable ø3.5 jacketed with PVC ø5.5mm outside diameter

Tube 1: Round Tube,89mm in diameter T2.5

Tube 2: Oblong tube, 50x100mm T2.5

Tube 3: Rectangular tube, 60x50mm T2.5

Weight stack: 80kg

Back cover steel sheet

Stuffing: PU foam with synthetic leather

How to use ?

Starting Position:Follow machine instructions for set up and select desired weight. Sit so that food pad is just above the ankles, thighs are flush with the seat (but backs of knees are off of the seat), and back is straight and supported by pad. Keep knees above ankles, back straight, abs engaged, and hands lightly gripping handles at your sides.


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