High Quality Gym Equipment A6-014 Leg Extension

Our company offers indoor fitness machine for you .Good quality leg Extension machine for your body building . You can visit our factory .We will give you a discount .

Product Details

Product info

Product Details:A6 Series

Pulley: High-strength Plastic, ø106x20mm, with sealed bearing 6202RS

Cable: Steel cable ø3.5 jacketed with PVC ø5.5mm outside diameter

Powder Coating: 2 rounds (silver/black/dark grey + varnish)

Tube 1: Round tube, ø89mm, T3.0

Tube 2: Oblong tube, 40x80mm T2.5

Tube 3: Round tube, ø50mm T3.0

Weight Stack Cover: double side, steel sheet Stuffing: PU foam with synthetic leather Gas-spring Seat Adjustment  with Embodied Two-track-separate-move Design Counter Function: recording lasting time, exercise times and the calories the users consume

Disassembled Shipping

Product Size:1210*1300*1580


A6-014 Leg Extension 伸腿训练器_副本_副本.jpg






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