Adjustable Function Gym Station JXS02

We provide high quality commercial fitness equipment, comprehensive training equipment for gyms and clubs, JXS02 is a newly designed product, we can provide after-sales service guarantee

Product Details

Product features

1、The main frame tube size: 50*100mm oval tube, and we also utilize the technique of double paintings with duplex coatings, which makes it elegant.

2、All workouts can be done by hand-driven cables, it allows to work out unilaterally, as well as deeply stimulate muscle groups.

3、Three kinds of handle positions are provided to meet different workout needs of users.

4、The streamlined workout tracking matches the body’s natural movements. We always pay close attention to work out safely.

5、Provide a variety of workout instructions to guide users.

6、Adopt Φ5.1 Warrington-Seale cables with imported premium steel wires, which have high intensity and flexibility, as well as enhance the durability of the equipment and safety of the workout






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