Exercise Equipment JXS37 Multi-Adjustable Bench

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Product Details

Product features

1. Multi-position adjustment to meet various exercise needs.

2. The caster unit makes the bench easy to be moved and the bench can be stored in a vertical position to save space.

3. The main frame part adopts PT50*100mm flat oval tube, double spray double coating process. The solid material can ensure the product quality advantage.

4. High-density PU foam material is adopted. The product design conforms to the physiological structure of the human body and the regularity of fitness, which ensures smooth and durable use.

5. Push-type bolt adjustment device with lemon yellow marking makes the product visually pleasing and clearly visible.

6. TPR material handle sleeve is high non-slip and wearable. The aluminum head end of the handle makes the grip more comfortable.

7. The bench is lightweight and folding and it can be packaged in an overall unit.

8. Multi-position adjustment for the bench back angle.






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