Fitness Equipment 3 Stack Multi Station

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Product features

JXS03 multi-function three-station trainer, the equipment is introduced as follows:

(1) The three functions are composite dual functions, not a single single-function station training.

The purpose of the design is: In order to meet the functional diversity requirements of manufacturers such as fitness clubs and business hotels, in the design of this JXS03, each workstation is mainly dual-function and multi-function, so that it can be satisfied on one machine. The main training methods for the upper and lower limbs of the user are: kicking (lower limbs), hook legs (lower limbs), high pull (upper limbs), rowing (upper limbs), multi-directional chest pushing (upper limbs).

(2) JXS03 adopts a combination "small door" structure.

The purpose of the design is: firstly, in order to reduce the footprint, in a limited space, to give customers more diverse training actions and methods.

(3) The JXS03 design adopts the “CORNER” element, which has a limited footprint and improves space utilization.

The purpose of the design is to adopt the "CORNER" element to control the floor space of the entire instrument in a similar corner area, reduce the floor space, and improve the space utilization rate of the entire training area.

(4) JXS03 can be connected to the JXS03 OPT structure and add a multi-position tension training function.

JXS-03 三人站



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