High Quality Gym Equipment Cable Crossover TNT-005

Leading manufacturer and supplier of fitness equipment such as Cable Crossover,Cable Crossover ,and other strength machines .Our company attempts to make achievement in health field development.The price of our products is competitive .

Product Details

It adopts international advanced design concept, and it's famous for outstanding performance with

It adopts international advanced design concept, and it's famous for outstanding performance with

biomechanics and ergonomics, which also conforms to human anatomy and athletic physiology.

Square tube 50*110mm and round tube Ф60mm get combination making the product stable and


The cushion adopts one-time forming technology making it comfortable and durable. The seat

adjustment is equipped with pneumatic system and aluminum alloy rail for sliding.

The cushion leather gets sewed with double stitches looking luxurious.

Full enclosed weight cover adopts absolute security design concept. where shown the beauty

appearance andreal high-end quality.

The design follows foreign advanced design concept.

Use high tensile oval tube which gives enough thought of

strength and fashion.

The strong magnetism pin have been used on machine, which can

make the weight adjust easy and safety .

The high density nylon pulley, which is for industrial use.

The cable which covered by PU, the toughness and durability is

great to use, can burden 1400KGF, Ǿ5.7mm.

Scientific movement track can take the proper training, sufficient

considering of kinematics theory.

Effective in muscle training of pectorals/back and arms.




Weight stack:



Muscles trained:different muscle groups

BW-005 Cable Crossover_副本.jpg




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