JXS-03 Stack Multi Station

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Product Details

Product features

1.Combine the fixed and free track exercise together.

2. Three fixed track stations are designed at a right angle of 90 degrees, to save space when placed at the corner.

3.OPT accessories will provide versatile exercise choices.

4.The main frame is made of PT50*100 flat oval tube. Double spray and double coating process is applied. The raw material is solid, and the design is novel and fashionable.

5.The metal shroud cover is well designed and the chamfering design is nice and elegant.

6. High density PU foam material with design conforming to the physiological structure and the law of exercise ensures durability and smooth exercise.

7. The cable adopts self-lubricating aviation grade steel cable, which is beautiful and wear-resistant. The end adopts high-strength pressing technology, which is safe and reliable.

8.The guide bar is made of stainless steel, diameter 20mm, guarantee smooth operation.

9.Reinforced nylon pulley with deep V-groove provides a reliable connection.

10.More choices, rich training functions, free to combine, free to choose.

11.Seat and cushion are designed ergonomically, different angles adjustable for comfortable exercise. 






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