S-005 Multi-use Adjustable Cable Crossover

S-005 cable crossover is a range of premium commercial fitness products designed to withstand the rigours of a busy fitness centre gymnasium. Bodystrong fitness can provide cable crossover in short time . Contact us .

Product Details

Quick Summary

Multi-use adjustable cable crossover provides strength building exercises by means of progressive resistance accomplished through pulleys.

Cable crossovers target muscle contraction and are often performed toward the end of a workout. The primary focus is to strengthen and sculpt the pectoral muscles. Shoulder muscles are also worked through this machine.


How to use Cable Crossover

The cable crossover is a great chest exercise because it stretches the pecs from the start position, hitting the outer pec muscle fibers. Your pulley position is determined by the area of the chest you want to target.

Setting the pulleys in the highest position focuses on the lower pecs, while the lowest position will work your upper pecs. Placing the pulleys at shoulder height—with arms parallel to the floor—will target your middle pec fibers.


Place of Origin:

Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Body Strong

Product Dimension:(L)3500*(W)610*(H)2430mm

Weight Stack: 160KGS



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