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What Muscles Does Bench Press Work?

Aug 23, 2019

What Muscles Does Bench Press Work?
Decline and incline bench press angle both help with the development of the chest area. Incline press focuses on the top of the pectorals to give you a massive appearance. Decline press gives you a definitive lower chest.

Here, we are going to check out how both disciplines are going to help you with building a better chest and an upper body.

Let’s start with a look at incline bench vs flat bench:
Incline Vs Flat Bench Press
When it comes to bench pressing, most people only concentrate on flat bench press exercise. And this is fine if you just want an average looking body. But if you want a great looking physique with a toned chest then you might have to look at working out your chest area properly and with adequate exercises both with incline and decline bench press procedures. There are a lot of differences between incline bench press muscles worked.

Do Beginners need to do incline or decline presses?
If you’ve never set foot inside a gym before, I would start you off circuit training. Which means hitting all the muscles in your body by going through all the basic compound exercise machines. But once you’ve been at it for a month, I would definitely recommend that you include incline and decline presses in your chest day workouts.

Total chest development depends a lot on how well you’re able to train. This means approaching your chest training from as many angles as possible – which is where incline and decline presses come into the picture.

Dips vs presses for chest
While they are different schools of thought, leaning forward dips and bench press are good for your chest. The difference is while dips do work the chest, they also are harder on your delts and triceps. There are also chances of executing the dip movement wrongly, which can lead to serious problems like shoulder injuries.

Also, some people who are beginners or who lack the requisite upper body strength may not be able to perform dips properly or effectively. So, in these cases, a bench press is your go-to starting equipment for building a proper chest. 

Common Mistakes During Incline And Decline Bench Presses
There are more than a few errors in workout form that can affect how well you are able to incline or decline bench press. You’ll find it’s even more so than regular flat bench press since the angles are different and hence the chances for lapses in form are increased. Here are a few common incline and decline press mistakes.

Flat Bench