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Luxury commercial fitness equipment Leg Press BN-015

Nov 15, 2018

Leg Press BN-015

 This particular example is designed around solo workout, so you will not need a spotter to make sure that the machine is adjusted correctly. While it is a bit expensive, it is one of the most durable leg press machines on the market, and the price totally reflects that. It will not show any signs of damage even after a year of usage, so it is definitely worth a few extra hundred dollars.


Comfort - Your comfort while exercising will be guaranteed due to the strong support of the back, head and shoulders. The smooth, durable surface will significantly extend the duration of your workout sessions because you will be less likely to take rests due to back or neck pains.

Boards - The footboards come with four positions that you can adjust using the locking pin. As a result, the machine offers a pretty broad array of angles that you can work with.

Calf presses and hack squats - Thanks to its smart, ergonomic design, this device will offer you plenty of opportunities to work your leg muscles, with a special focus on the calves and the posterior muscles of the legs.

Compact size - This too can be easily fitted in the house, as it occupies a (2080) x (1470)surface. As for the construction of the machine itself, the designers have used the most powerful and durable materials, so you will not need to buy another leg press machine for many years.