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Spinning bike is not suitable for people who practice?

Dec 11, 2017

① people with knee injuries do not ride, because the knee during the entire ride a large friction, coupled with high-intensity pressure, it is easy to form a potential injury in the course of the future will be gradually reflected in the movement .

② heart disease and hypertension patients are also best not to participate, so as to avoid the danger of high intensity training. Although, spinning is a progressive large-load aerobic exercise, can make the heart and lung function and multi-part muscles get adequate exercise.

③ overweight people try not to ride, one is easy to knee injury, the second will feel breathing difficulties, because the rhythm of spinning is quite fast, and a considerable amount of exercise.

④ There is no limitation in terms of age. However, in China, it is generally not recommended for people over 50 to take active cycling lessons. Of course, children who are not fully developed can not ride anymore.